Potting Soil or Potting Mix

Nature's Soil produces the highest grade potting media (potting soil or potting mix) which is scientifically balanced to nurture plants and trees.

Our potting media is specifically formulated for the following requirements :

The Potting media of your choice can be transported to your nominated destination either in bulk as loose fill measured by volume in m3 or in pre-packed 35ltr bags.

Alternatively, the Potting media can be picked up from our work site in Silvan South.

Other Potting Mix Components

At Nature’s Soil we supply also the following organic and inorganic components:

Sunshine Peat Moss: it is imported by Canada and 100% composed by Canadian Sphagnum peat moss. It is a highly porous material capable of holding large quantities of water and air. It is light and have few or no toxic properties. The high cation exchange capacity helps regulate the supply of nutrients to plants.


Sunshine Growing Mix: it is imported by Canada and composed by 75-80% Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, horticultural grade vermiculite and dolomitic limestone.


Perlite: it is an extremely porous siliceous material. It is a sterile medium and provides no nutrients. It is a good tool to improve aeration.


Vermiculite: it is a flaky mineral transformed in a light porous material with a high water and nutrient holding capacity.