Tree Guards

Tree Guards are increasingly used for the protection of seedling trees. They help in stopping animals from damaging or destroying seedlings and can even increase the success rate of tree plantings by reducing wind damage.

Flower Mesh

Flower Mesh is a useful tool to support flowers during their growth in order to prevent them from falling over. With full beds of flowers the use of flower mesh is preferable. We supply rolls of mesh of 150 x 150 x 1.25/1.60 mm – 0.9 x 200 meters.

Growth Support

Where plants are supported by stakes it is necessary to connect the plant to the stake. There are various methods. In addition to the tape tools we provide also different types of clips, hooks, ties and ropes to suit every type of cultivation.

Tomato Hooks

The Tomato Hooks are wired hooks form the basic support for long stem plants. We supply hooks complete with twine according to your requirements. These tomato hooks come in different lengths of twine. We stock hooks with 12m twine and an additional 3m freefall. This freefall is the part of the twine which drops to the floor once the hooks has been hung.